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End of summer workshop October 1, 2009

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Last night we held a workshop at The Silverdale Hotel as we haven’t had one for a while. This time we set no word limit and gave each other the opportunity to send around complete short stories for those who write longer pieces. We discouraged the submitting of complete novels (relevant for Jenni only).

As usual we had a mix of poetry, stories and extracts from novels. What was notable this time was how much we’re all developing – our styles are starting to become embedded and everyone is working on tightening their prose and dialogue. Those submitting extracts from possible novels are beginning to seriously construct the way forward for completing their first book. These sessions are really effective for finding out what works and what is left unclear to the reader.

Top of the class today were Faith with the first chapter for her debut novel and Sue with two poems one atmospheric, and the other a rare dip into rhyme which everyone felt worked excellently.